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Touche Mr. Padalecki


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That’s because you don’t have the balls to run the Cowboys Lance…..WHAT? Did I really just say that? A testicular cancer joke? Yeah I know, it was a low blow, but it helps make my point. I love Lance, read both of his books and actually didn’t care about him and his wife. I also could care less about Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, but I absolutely HATE anybody that thinks they can do a better job at running sports teams. You can’t, that’s why you don’t. And yes I say that completely aware that at some point I will criticize an owner or GM and say that I can do a better job…but i’ll hate myself.

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NBA Lockout: Durant To Sigma Nu

Flag football anyone? Kevin Durant decided to take his athletic abilities to the gridiron via a Twitter conversation with one of his followers.

Playing quarterback and defensive back, Durant finished the game with four touchdowns to go with three intercepted passes. The crowd grew to well over 500 by game’s end. Durant stuck around to pose for pictures and sign autographs. He soon needed police escorts to make his way back to his van and out of town.

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Twitter Chatter: The Kardasians

So it’s official, that chick from the sex tape and that guy who sucks at basketball when there is actually an NBA season are getting divorced. I wasn’t really sure what I was gonna do with myself as it took all my effort not to kill myself when I found out, because the world just seems to lack any meaning. However, it was Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney who put things in perspective for me with his tweet. On a more depressing note, Khris Humphries made more money for his part of the televised wedding than he did in his 8 years of basketball. F*ck this, I’m going to go make a sex tape!

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The C Word

In case you were looking for another reason as to why Philadelphia has the worst fans in the country, you can now load your argument ammo bag with this little tid-bit….They booed during a Hockey Fights Cancer video ad on the jumbotron before the Flyers games against the Canucks. Now sure I get it, Philly hates Sidney Crosby because he is the best hockey player in the world and they haven’t won a cup since 1975 so every time they see Sid they have to drop the cheesesteaks out of their fat, stupid, fucking faces so they can boo him; but during a cancer ad? Really? This isn’t snowballs at Santa, it’s cancer. Don’t be jealous that Crosby is the face of the NHL and people would rather get cancer than see anything being promoted by Claude Giroux!

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